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Tutoring Matters: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About How to Tutor   Jerome Rabow, Tiffani Chin, Nima A. Fahimian : A manual for the aspiring and seasoned tutor...with chapters on attitudes and anxieties, teaching techniques, and building relationships.

Music Teacher's Companion  Paul Harris : a well written, informative and extremely useful book - every music teacher should have a copy!! Highly recommended!

Dramatic Events: How to Run a Successful Workshop  Richard Hahlo, Peter Reynolds : "Explores how drama techniques can be productively employed within an educational setting, in personal development and in the making of theatre. This book investigates the connection between practical theatre work and drama theory, and its effect on the dynamic of any working group"

Learning to Teach Drama 11-18  Andy Kempe, Helen Nicholson : a useful guide to Drama teaching which takes the reader from initial questions - why teach Drama? How do I apply to become a Drama teacher - all the way through to developing one's career in school...

Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning: A Comprehensive Analysis of Principles and Effective Practices  Stephen Brookfield

Getting the Buggers to Behave  Sue Cowley : gives advice on behaviour management that is easily accessible and easy to apply.

Not Pulling Strings: A Book About Instrumental Teaching and Music Education
  Joseph O'Connor : provides an analysis of teaching and learning guitar, and music in general...

Essential Teaching Skills  Chris Kyriacou : "Intended for the student teacher and for those newly qualified, as well as more experienced teachers, this is a guide to successful classroom practice in primary and secondary schools."

Effective Teaching in Schools: Theory and Practice  Chris Kyriacou : an ideal introduction to what defines good teaching...

The Work of the Imagination (Understanding Children's Worlds)  Paul Harris, Peter Kitson (Editor) :

Cracking the Hard Class: Strategies for Managing the Harder Than Average Class
  Bill Rogers

On Stage: Theater Games for Kids  Lisa Bany-Winters : Ages 9-12 "Covers basic theater vocabulary, puppetry and pantomime, sound effects, costumes, props, and makeup; includes several play scripts"

Planning Children's Play and Learning in Foundation Stage (Early Years)   Jane Drake : this text is written for all practitioners working in early years settings.

Starting Teaching: How to Succeed and Survive  Sue Cowley : Offering practical guidance for those starting out on a teaching career, this book covers all aspects of the profession, both in and out of the classroom. It provides advice and tips closely linked to situations that the working teacher will meet.

Adults Learning  Jenny Rogers : "How do adults really learn? How can I put over my material in a way that will interest and excite people? How can I manage my group so that the confident people don't dominate and the quieter ones get a look in?" This book is aimed at anyone who wants to know how to teach adults!

Dealing with Disruptive Students in the Classroom  Jerry Olsen, Paul Cooper : "Designed for both individual teachers and school teams, this text demonstrates how to approach and manage disruptive students and behaviour."

Teaching Music Musically  Keith Swanwick : "intended for music educators, including practising and intending teachers in schools and colleges and instrumental instructors..."

2000 Tips for Teachers  Nick Packard (Editor), Phil Race (Editor) : A compendium of sound, practical, tried-and-tested advice for teachers... "At a time when most teachers seem to have to cope with unprecedented amounts of red tape, this compendium aims to support them in what they really want to do: help pupils to learn successfully."

Mozart Effect for Children  Don Campbell : "This text shows how children can benefit from music's ability to heal, strengthen and aid learning. Each chapter is devoted to a particular age, from prenatal to school, and parents and teachers can access musical guides, practical suggestions and games to play to stimulate children."

Three Singing Pigs: Making Music with Traditional Stories (Classroom Music) Kaye Umansky : A spiral bound collection of popular children's stories with ideas for making music in the classroom.

Three Rapping Rats: Making Music with Traditional Stories (Classroom Music)  Kaye Umansky : A spiral bound edition which provides songs and raps and plenty of opportunities for exploring sounds and composing music in the classroom to create atmosphere and dramatic effect. "...covers the performance and composing areas of KS 2 Music Curriculum with 7-9 year olds"

The Complete Book of Speech Communication: a Workbook of Ideas and Activities for Students of Speech and Theatre
  Carol Marrs : Ten chapters suitable for a full year's course in speech communication. Sample activities include rap, pantomime, charades, a game show, Readers Theatre, TV news, a mock trial, talk show improvisation, and dozens more, including extra activities...

Teaching a Young Actor: How to Train Children of All Ages for Success in Movies, TV, and Commercials  Renee Harmon

Ideas That Work in Drama  Michael Theodorou : aimed at drama teachers in secondary schools who need ideas to stimulate their pupils...


Children Composing 4-14
  Joanna Glover : shows teachers how they can recognise and encourage music making in the classroom and so address all the needs of the National Curriculum for music

Plays Around the Year: More Than 20 Thematic Plays for the Classroom (Instructor Books)  Scholastic Books, Liza Schafer (Editor), Jane Conteh-Morgan (Illustrator)

Dance Composition (Ballet, Dance, Opera and Music)
  Jacqueline Smith-Autard : a practical guide to creative success in dance making and provides new suggestions for enhancing teaching methods through the use of multimedia

The Art of Dance in Education (Performing Arts)  Jacqueline Smith-Autard : offers a theoretical and practical framework for the teaching of dance in education...."Jacqueline Smith-Autard seeks to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of teaching the art of dance by: examining the processes of composing, performing and appreciating dances; and analyzing how dance education can contribute towards artistic, aesthetic and cultural education. This second edition is updated to cover developments in teaching practice"

Teaching TV Production in a Digital World: Integrating Media Literacy: Teacher Edition  Robert Kenny : "An alternative approach to teaching first-year TV production to high school students, using a combination of direct instruction, class discussion, and independent and inter-disciplinary video action projects. A student workbook is also available. "

Play Directing in the School: a Drama Director's Survival Guide  David Grote : A guide to the "real world" of drama and theatrical productions in a school environment - areas covered includer budgeting, scheduling, faculty politics, motivating and disciplining students and many other school-life realities beyond a director or teacher's job description.

The KODALY METHOD 2 FOLKSONG MASTERWORKS: Folksong to Masterwork / Lois Choksy Choksy

Conducting Technique for Beginners and Professionals
  Brock McElheran : accepted as a standard text for both choral and orchestral conducting courses taught at universities, colleges, and conservatories throughout the English-speaking world.

Dance Technique for Children  Mary Joyce : A guide to show teachers how to help children explore their movements, stimulate their minds and enliven their spirits.

Anatomy and Kinesiology for Ballet Teachers  Eivind Thomasen, Rachel-Anne Rist

Acting Games: Improvisations and Exercises  Marsh Cassady : relaxation exercises, games for creative awareness, and improvisational exercises for building characters and scenes

Theatre Games for Young Performers: Improvisations and Exercises for Developing Acting Skills
  Maria C. Novelly : explains the how, when, what and why of theatre games for young performers

Games for Actors and Non-actors
  Augusto Boal, Adrian Jackson (Translator) : sets out the principles and practice of Boal's revolutionary method, showing how theatre can be used to transform and liberate everyone

The Art of Teaching Art to Children  Beal, Miller

Drama Structures - a Practical Handbook for Teachers: A Practical Handbook for Teachers
  Cecily O'Neill, Alan Lambert : This is a teacher's manual, providing fifteen developing lesson structures on different themes involving the pupils in a whole range of drama and learning activities

Another 100+ Ideas for Drama  Anna Scher, Charles Verral

101 More Drama Games for Children: New Fun and Learning with Acting and Make-Believe (Hunter House Smartfun Book)  Paul Rooyackers, Margreet Hofland (Illustrator), Amina Marix Evans (Translator) : Ages 9-12 - this is for the spiral bound edition (always useful with practical books - why don't they make more books spiral bound!?!) however, if you would prefer a non spiral bound / standard bound edition, click on this link!

Anatomy of the Moving Body: A Basic Course in Bones, Muscles, and Joints
  Ted Dimon

The Intuitive Practitioner: On the Value of Not Always Knowing What One Is Doing   Terry Atkinson (Editor), Guy Claxton (Editor)
The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book  Judy Press : Presents over seventy-five simple arts and crafts activities related to holidays, school, occupations, travel, nature, home, and friendship...

365 Days of Creative Play for Children 2 Years & Up Sheila Ellison, Judith Gray : "Essential for teachers, parents and childcare providers" [Author]

Little Hands Art Book: Exploring Arts & Crafts with 2-to-6-year-olds Judy Press

Child-centred Play Therapy
  Janet West : introduces the concept of play therapy. This new edition also covers new legislation such as The Children's Act...

Special Talents, Special Needs: Drama for People with Learning Disabilities  Ian McCurrach, Barbara Darnley : "A handbook for teachers and facilitators working with people with learning disabilities who are interested in creative expression through drama, this text provides a step-by-step guide to running a drama group"

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