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The Art of Jewellery Design (Jewellery)  Liz Olver : a creative guide to designing jewellery, written by experienced jewellery maker, Liz Olver.

Jewellery & Silversmithing Techniques  Carles Codina : Codina discusses such topics as how to go about designing a piece of jewellery; how to implement the design; photographing work; making mixed media pieces; and how to achieve special techniques such as different texture surfaces and filigree.

Creative Cash: How to Profit from Your Special Artistry, Creativity, Hand Skills, and Related Know-How
  Barbara Brabec : this book is for both the serious maker looking to become a full-time professional, and the craft hobbyist who would like to earn a little extra money from their artistic skills. get creative - get cash!

Woodcarving: The Beginner's Guide  William Wheeler, Charles H. Hayward : a rundown on tools and equipment, and instructions for handling the tools and the "how-to's of carving in-the-round, relief, panelling, moulding, and edgings, finishing with project patterns, gilding techniques and a discussion of the types of wood most suitable for carving..."

The Art of Inlay: Contemporary Design and Technique  Larry Robinson : Showcases the intricate art of inlay and offers a hands-on guide to materials, tools, and techniques.

Two-in-one Manuals: Jewellery (Two-in-one Manuals)  Madeline Coles : This manual for making jewellery has die-cut pages that split the book into two separate halves, so that the reader can refer to the techniques section whilst working on one of the featured projects. It also includes a glossary of terms and a section on health and safety.

Designing and Making Jewellery  Sarah Macrae : a useful handbook for anyone interested in jewellery whether as a professional studio jeweller or as a recreational activity.

The Art of Rubber Stamping  Suze Weinberg : "If you’re ready to take your passion for rubber stamping to the next level and crave a new challenge, try these innovative techniques" exciting and new ways of creating art with your rubber stamps!

Handmade for Profit (Rev Edition) Brabec B : this revised edition of Handmade for Profit, includes "all the information you need to get started selling at the retail level and keep growing..." this updated edition also includes important information on how to sell your work on the web...

The Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques  Katharine Guerrier : A unique visual directory of quilting techniques, plus an inspirational gallery of classic quilts. Covers a range of styles and techniques

The Shining Cloth: Dress and Adornment That Glitters  Victoria Z. Rivers

How to Sell What You Make: The Business of Marketing Crafts  Paul Gerhards : "Offers advice on marketing hand-made products, including tips on setting up a business and strategies for selling at trade shows, fairs, and galleries"

Jewelry Making and Design: An Illustrated Textbook for Teachers, Students of Design and Craft Workers  Rose; Cirino : advice on both making and designing jewellery

Working with Precious Metal Clay (Jewellery)
  Tim McCreight : Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a material for jewellers and craft people which is as easy to manipulate as polymer clay, but when it is fired, the resulting object is 99.9% solid silver. This book describes how to work with PMC, including firing and finishing, and includes a set of projects.

Jewellery Handbooks: Rings (Jewellery) 
 Jinks McGrath : A practical jewellery handbook which looks at the history and significance of rings and then guides the reader through a series of step-by-step projects.

All You Need to Know About Rubber Stamping  Maggie Wright : How to get the best out of your rubber stamps!

Greeting Card Magic with Rubber Stamps  MaryJo McGraw : Exciting projects for making your own greeting card designs with rubber stamps!

Making Gifts with Rubber Stamps  Sandra McCall : Make unique, expressive gifts with rubber stamps in combination with mixed media such as polymer clay, shrink plastic, handmade paper and more... projects which explore a range of techniques, complete with stunning examples, guidelines for crafting greeting cards, books, boxes, portfolios, jewellery and more, along with valuable advice on: embossing, masking and eraser carving; mono printing, ink blown back grounds, bleeding marker tissure, faux marbling, plastic wrap and rubbings; shadow boxes, scratch art, shrink art, beads, clay works, fabric scraps and wearable art; basic tools and composition tips...

Great Rubber Stamping  Ritchie J : covers a range of stamping crafts...

celtic coverCeltic Decoration Kit : Make Your Own Design with Rubber Stamps  Jim Paul : "This Celtic decoration kit is designed to add flair to letters, notes and messages, to embellish drawings or pictures, or frame them with a border. It includes: 18 rubber stamps showing knots, spirals, interlaced borders and animal designs; an ink pad for all kinds of paper or card; a booklet, "The Celtic World", describing the lives of the people who created these patterns, their favourite motifs, their gods, their calendar and the sacred order of the druids."

The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing (Singer Sewing Reference Library)
  Creative Publishing : an excellent pictorial guide which includes step-by-step instructions for sewing basics such as making perfect seams, putting in zippers and cutting fabrics, as well as ideas for home decorating projects...

Practical Blacksmith Metalwork

Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology  William Cumpiano, Jonathan Natelson, Clyde Herlitz : comprehensive step by step instruction for building classical and steel string guitars

Violin Making: A Practical Guide  Juliet Barker : "With nearly 200 illustrations, clear step-by-step instruction and a minimum of necessary tools, this book leads both amateurs and skilled woodworkers through the delicate and precise techniques, and brings the art of violin making within the reach of all."

The Art of Violin Making  Roy Courtnall, Chris Johnson, Adrian Lucas (Illustrator) : a major new work for the craftsman, bringing into one volume a summary of essential information for the violin maker and player, as well as providing a historical reference.

Musical Instrument Design: Practical Information for Instrument Making  Bart Hopkin : An extensively-illustrated, detailed encyclopedic guide and resource to musical instrument design theory and construction for both the novice and the experienced builder.

The Art of Jewelry Making  Alan Revere

Whittling and Woodcarving  E.J. Tangerman

The Beginner's Handbook of Woodcarving: With Project Patterns for Line Carving, Relief Carving, Carving in the Round and Bird Carving  Charles Beiderman, William Johnston

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