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Shooting Digital Video  John Fauer : advice and information on how to shoot digital video - for the amatuer as well as the professional - covers shooting, editing, and distributing digital video.

Digital Video! I Didn't Know You Could Do That...  Erica Sadun : a user-friendly guide offering tips and and tricks on how to get the most out of your video projects - explains how to use a video camera, how to plan a move, editing tips and techniques, and overviews of video software. The accompanying CD includes trial versions of Video Studio and Video Wave.

Video Production Handbook  Gerald Millerson : the guide for complete beginners get to know your camera controls with easy practical instruction learn how to frame pictures understand lighting technology and equipment and how to get the look you want learn creative techniques using visual effects

Independent Feature Film Production  Gregory Goodell

How to Get a Job in Television: Insider Secrets on How to Get, Do and Keep a Job in TV  Susan Walls : "A guide for young job seekers needing to know what is involved in working in television. The book aims to encourage the right sort of people to come into television production, and saves young job seekers the horrors of "learning on the job"."

Directing on Camera : A Checklist of Video and Film Technique  Harris Watts

From Word to Image: Storyboarding and the Filmmaking Process  Marcie Begleiter : A step-by-step guide to storyboarding for the novice as well as the professional.

Reality Transformed: Film as Meaning and Technique
  Irving Singer : Singer concentrates on questions about appearance and reality, the visual and the literary, and the interplay between communication as a goal and alienation as a hazard in films of every sort..

On Camera : Essential Know-how for Programme-makers  Harris Watts

Making Videos for Money: Planning and Producing Information Videos, Commercials, and Infomercials  Barry Hampe : "can be used as a comprehensive how-to guide by newcomers or as a valuable resource for professionals facing the need to expand their skills into profitable new areas."

coverSetting Up Your Shots: Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know  Jeremy Vineyard : "A complete visual encyclopaedia of creative camera set ups and moves for filmmakers and cinema fans. It features over 100 storyboards with simple descriptions which show how to achieve a number of effects, images and compositions." The book is presented in a horizontal format, creating a cinematic perspective, and there are over 135 references to shots from classic movies, including "Titanic", "Blade Runner", "Star Wars" and "Vertigo".

Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film and Television  Judith Weston

Making a Winning Short: How to Write, Direct, Edit, and Produce a Short Film
  Edmond Levy : Covers scripts, treatments, dialog, screenplay format, starting a production, and working with actors and crews, and recounts the production of an actual film...

The Animation Book: A Complete Guide to Animated Filmmaking
  Kit Laybourne : A guide to the theory, aesthetics, and techniques of animation features detailed instructions, projects, and discussions on such topics as basic movement, and digital ink and paint...

Marketing and Selling Your Films Around the World: A Guide for Independent Filmmakers  John Durie : "Guides independent producers, both seasoned professionals and first-timers, through business practices of international sales agents, distributors, and exhibitors."

What They Don't Teach You at Film School: 140 Strategies to Make Your Own Movie, No Matter What  Camille Landau, Tiare White : effective solutions for surviving both the large and small crises of filmmaking - "From how to finish (or get started on..) a script, through dealing with jealous actors, abandoned lovers, mutinous film crews, angry landlords, and even angrier investors, the two authors of this book know what it takes to get to the top, no matter what." Film industry veterans Camille Landau and Tiare White draw from their own experiences and those of other filmmakers to show readers how to make a film on their own terms!

Cinematography  Peter Ettedgui : offers an insight into the art and skill of cinematography...

Knowing the Score: Conversations with Film Composers About the Art, Craft, Blood, Sweat, and Tears of Writing Music for Cinema  David Morgan : A selection of interviews with such leading film score composers as Mark Isham, Alan Menken, Jerry Goldsmith, Philip Glass, and Elmer Bernstein, offers a look into the creative process of composing for film...

Practical Cinematography  Paul Wheeler : how cameras and film work, the responsibilities and duties of the camera crew, working with a director, lighting and post-production considerations... (suitable for novices).
If you're involved in, or interested in digital cinematography, try Wheller's Digital Cinematography : a step-by-step guide to high end digital camerawork includes high definition and 24p technology...

You Can Be a Movie Extra: The Complete Guide to Working as a Supporting Artiste in Film and TV : "the ultimate insider's guide (author Rob Martin is a leading casting agent, who's supplied Extras for films such as Gladiator and Harry Potter). It tells you everything you need to know, from getting on an agent's books to what to do on your first day on set, and how to make sure you keep getting regular work, whether it be in films, on TV, or in commercials and music videos!"

Making Documentary Films  Barry Hampe : "Discusses each step in creating documentaries from conception to final film, and offers advice on capturing human behavior and recreating past events"

The Guerilla Film Maker's Handbook: With CD Genevieve Jolliffe, Chris Jones : A guide to low-budget moviemaking in the UK and around the world. Featuring tips, a yellow pages listing, contracts, and other information needed to create a film, the book explodes industry myth. The accompanying CD-ROM contains accounting programs.

Film Directing: Shot-by-shot  Steve Katz : an introduction to the rudiments of film production

Film Production: The Complete Uncensored Guide to Independent Filmmaking  Greg Merritt : how to make an independent film, sell an independent film, attend a film festival, etc.

Film Lighting: Talks with Hollywood's Cinematographers and Gaffers  Kris Malkiewicz

Painting with Light  John Alton, Todd McCarthy (Introduction) : In simple, non-technical language, Alton explains the job of the cinematographer and explores how lighting, camera techniques and choice of locations determine the visual mood of film.

Film Directing Cinematic Motion: Cinematic Motion  Steven D. Katz : the ins and outs of film production...

Filmmakers and Financing  Louise Levison : A guide to business plans and financing for independent filmmakers.

Digital Video Camerawork (Media Manual)  Peter Ward : introduces digital camerawork techniques used in television and video production, with step-by-step instructions on everything necessary from camera controls, to editing, lighting, and sound...

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