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| Acting, Drama & Performing Arts | Stage Management & Stage Craft |
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Contacts 2003: Stage, Theatre, Screen contact details and information for agencies in stage, television, film and radio, including all aspects of them such as acting, costume design, make up etc...

An Actor's Guide to Getting Work (Stage...
covers a wide range of work available for actors and offers advice on getting the most out of drama schools, to finding and working with an agent, how to cope with auditions and information on Equity.

Voice-Overs: Putting Your Mouth Where the Money is  Chris Douthitt, Tom Wiecks (Editor) : Designed to help you succeed as a voice-over artist "...no matter where you are now and no matter how far you want to go..."

New Publication [1st April 2003] : Notes on Directing Frank Hauser, Russell Reich : Notes on Directing is a new book that provides the timeless gems and proven principles of the director's craft.
In assertive, no-nonsense language, this book documents the teachings and directions shared privately by Frank Hauser with Sir Alec Guinness, Richard Burton, Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench, Kevin Spacey, and a host of other theatrical and cinematic figures. Now, the private Notes on Directing has been expanded and enhanced into a book-length format suitable for anyone searching for the hidden secrets of creating a live, shared experience. This deceptively slim volume has the impact of a privileged apprenticeship to a great master.
Notes on Directing delivers what every director needs to know – and what every actor, scriptwriter, and audience member wants them to know. To read a review by Max Farber click here!

You Can Be a Movie Extra: The Complete Guide to Working as a Supporting Artiste in Film and TV : "the ultimate insider's guide (author Rob Martin is a leading casting agent, who's supplied Extras for films such as Gladiator and Harry Potter). It tells you everything you need to know, from getting on an agent's books to what to do on your first day on set, and how to make sure you keep getting regular work, whether it be in films, on TV, or in commercials and music videos!"

You Can Work on Camera: Acting in Commercials and Corporate Films  John Leslie Wolfe, Brenna McDonough : provides information for actors aspiring to work in a range of media, including television commercials, corporate films, and video communications...

How to Be a Working Actor: The Insider's Guide to Finding Jobs in Theater, Film and Television  Mari Lyn Henry, Lynne Rogers : A handbook for actors - "a comprehensive guide to the business of acting, informed throughout with an insider's view of how casting decisions are actually made... " includes topics such as "on-line ways to promote your picture, resume and video performance clips; enhancing your image; jobs in new and emerging markets; interviewing and auditioning tips for the new crop of young actors; and more..."

Radio Acting: Studio Work / Technical Production / Radio Adverts / Voice-overs / Voice Production (Stage and Costume)  Caroline Raphael (Foreword), Alan Beck : takes readers through the studio layout and recording, technical terms and productive working relations with the radio director. "The author describes preparing a role, voice technique, rehearsal and recording. There is also a chapter devoted to voice-overs and commercials - a lucrative part of the business - and getting started on a radio career."

Secrets of Screen Acting  Patrick Tucker : "Based on a non-method approach to acting, this book shows what actually works for an actor, in order to give excellent performances on screen"

The Essential Guide to Making Theatre (Essential Guides for GNVQ Performing Arts)
 a source-book for all students on post-16 drama courses.

Acting Games: Improvisations and Exercises
  Marsh Cassady : relaxation exercises, games for creative awareness, and improvisational exercises for building characters and scenes

Theatre Games for Young Performers: Improvisations and Exercises for Developing Acting Skills
  Maria C. Novelly : explains the how, when, what and why of theatre games for young performers

Games for Actors and Non-actors
  Augusto Boal, Adrian Jackson (Translator) : sets out the principles and practice of Boal's revolutionary method, showing how theatre can be used to transform and liberate everyone

100+ Ideas for Drama  Anna Scher, Charles Verral

Freeing the Natural Voice  Kristin Linklater, Douglas Florian (Illustrator) : "Describes the mechanics of the voice and obstacles of spontaneous, effective vocal expression and details exercises for developing and strengthening the voice as a human and actor's instrument."

The Alexander Technique: A Skill for Life  Pedro de de Alcantara : "an introduction to the technique, description of the principles on which it is based, and discussion of the effects of regular practice on health and wellbeing, the emotions, and on artistic and athletic performance. By using case studies, the author shows that the technique can have profound benefits in every aspect of life."

50 Great Monologs for Student Actors: a Workbook of Comedy Characterisations for Students Bill Majeski

Improvisation Starters: A Collection of 900 Improvisation Situations for the Theater  Philip Bernardi : "Includes 900 situations for improvisation which use character conflict, contrasts, obstacles in solo improvisation, physical positions for one or two actors, props, the environment, and lines of dialogue"

Audition Speeches for Young Actors 16+ (Performing Arts)   Jean Marlow : a wide variety of speeches for young actors in the 16- to 18-year-old age group

Pocket Monologues for Women  Pomerance : A selection of monologues for actresses

Audition Speeches for Women (Stage and Costume)  Jean Marlow : includes speeches from plays written and produced in the 1990s - including Pulp Fiction!

The Ultimate Scene and Monologue Sourcebook: An Actor's Guide to Over 1,000 Monologues and Dialogues from More Than 300 Contemporary Plays
  Ed Hooks : provides context for actors when reading for auditions. Full scene analyses for over 1000 monologues and dialogues from more than 300 plays are provided.

Funny Business: An Introduction to Comedy with Royalty-free Plays & Sketches
  Marsh Cassady : explores the major devices of comedy and various comedic genre - with twenty-two sketches and one-act plays.

99 Film Scenes for Actors
  Angela Nicholas

Radio Drama  Tim Crook : "Brings together the practical skills needed for radio drama, such as directing, writing and sound design, with media history and communication theory."

Acting Emotions  E. Konijn

Voice-Overs: A Practical Guide with CD (Audio) (Theatre Arts (Routledge Paperback))  Bernard Graham Shaw

Acting for the Camera
  Tony Barr : Provides readers with the practical knowledge they need when performing in front of the camera.

  CARTER : Provides information for aspiring comedians...how to create a routine and hone ideas; develop and polish material; work with a comedy partner; and how to get started in the business (not forgetting how to get paid)

An Actor's Guide to Making It in New York City  Glen Altermann : "A guide for actors to working successfully in New York City"

The Singing and Acting Handbook: Games and Exercises for the Performer  Thomas de Mallet Burgess, Nicholas Skilbeck
: "helps the performer to develop the skills required to act and sing at the same time"

The Methuen Book of Monologues for Young Actors (Audition Books)
  Jane Lapotaire (Foreword), Anne Harvey

Monologues for Young Actors
  Lorraine Cohen (Editor)

More Monologues for Teenagers: Contemporary Scene-study Pieces for Young Actors  Roger Karshner

Dialect Monologues  Roy Karshner, Stern

Teach Yourself Acting (Teach Yourself)  Ellis Jones : "covering every aspect from youth theatre to stage, film and video" including information on Equity and the different acting requirements for stage and camera.

One on One: the Best Women's Monologues for the Nineties (Applause Acting Series)  Jack Temchin (Editor)

Truth in Comedy: The Manual of Improvisation
  Mike Myers (Foreword), Charna Halpern, Del Close, Kim Johnson

Zen and the Art of Stand-up Comedy
  Jay Sankey

Clown Act Omnibus: Everything You Need to Know About Clowning, Plus Over 200 Clown Stunts  Wes McVicar : "Includes over 200 clown acts for beginners, intermediates and advanced participants"

Acting in Film: An Actor's Take on Movie Making
(The Applause Acting Series)  Michael Caine : "The actor shares personal insights on the technique of acting, and the business of making a film"

Making Musicals: An Informal Introduction to the World of Musical Theatre
  Tom Jones : explaining what makes a musical, what the difference between lyrics and poetry is in song writing, and how to find a collaborative partner and how to get your work produced.

Movement for Actors
  Nicole Potter (Editor) : movement teachers and directors explore the physical skills needed for the stage and the screen. "The work aims to provide an insight into the physical skills, techniques and styles developed and used in 20th- and 21st-century performance, and readers who wish to explore a particular discipline should be able to jump to the chapter that pertains to their area of interest - whether it be Alexander technique, the work of Tadashi Suzuki, or period movement for the plays of Moliere."

How to Get the Part...without Falling Apart: Featuring the "Haber Phrase Technique" for Actors  Heather Locklear (Foreword), Margie Haber, Barbara Babchick : Demonstrates the renowned acting coach's phrasing and cold reading techniques, explores the audition process, and offers advice on interviewing and preparing theatrical resumes.

Backwards and Forwards: a Technical Manual for Reading Plays  David Ball : Explains how plays are structured, looks at theatrical exposition, theme, and images, and shows how to analyze a play and understand its production.

Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film and Television  Judith Weston

The Complete Book of Speech Communication: a Workbook of Ideas and Activities for Students of Speech and Theatre  Carol Marrs : Ten chapters suitable for a full year's course in speech communication. Sample activities include rap, pantomime, charades, a game show, Readers Theatre, TV news, a mock trial, talk show improvisation, and dozens more, including extra activities...

Free Play  Steve Nacmanovich : Discusses the inner sources of spontaneous creation, explains how to learn the skills of improvisation, and suggests ways to overcome common obstacles to creativity.

The Director's Journey: The Creative Collaboration Between Directors, Writers and Actors  Mark W. Travis : how do you draw all the talented artists together to share a single vision?; how do you express the writer's intentions?; and how do you keep the actors' performances fresh? All these questions and more are addressed in Travis' study of the art of directing techniques.

Directing the Stage 12 top international directors, including Deborah Warner, Robert Lepage and Trevor Nunn, reveal insights into contemporary theatre in specially commissioned interviews.

Structuring Drama Work  
Jonothan Neelands (Editor), Tony Goode (Editor)

The Actor's Encyclopedia of Casting Directors: Interviews with Over 100 Casting Directors on How to Get the Job  Richard Dreyfuss (Foreword), Karen Kondazian, Eddie Shapiro : "...insider information and intimate profiles of casting directors in film, television, theater, and commercials, from Los Angeles to New York. Casting directors give expert advice on how to get in the door, how to prepare for an audition, and what they look for. "

Hitting Your Mark: What Every Actor Really Needs to Know on a Hollywood Set Steve Carlson : covers "the technical aspects of working on a film or television show, including the camera, marks, close-ups, acting for the camera, the teleprompter, cue cards, editing, lighting, sound, and auditioning on camera..."

Working in Show Business: Behind-the-scenes Careers in Theater, Film, and Television  Lynne Rogers : describes over 100 careers open to newcomers and to actors seeking alternative work in show business. Discusses specialist areas such as lighting and sound technicians, stage managers, dressers, and make-up artists, - explaining how to get started, training and job descriptions.

A Chronology of American Musical Theater  Richard C. Norton : this three-volume work presents basic production data on more than 3000 musicals from the 1860s through 1997. Organized first by year and then by season, the entries contain every piece of information from the playbills or opening night programs of Broadway and off-Broadway musicals, operettas, revues, and other works - from cast and crew to songs, set designers, composers, lyricists, and more....

Queer as Folk: the Scripts  Russell T. Davies : "Queer as Folk" is the story of three gay guys (Stuart, Vince and Nathan), their families and friends...contains the complete unexpurgated scripts from the first series, and includes scenes that were never transmitted!

The Actor Alone: Exercises for Work in Progress  Paul Baker (Foreword), Claudia N. Sullivan

Your Film Acting Career: How to Break Into the Movies & TV & Survive in Hollywood  M. K. Lewis, Rosemary R. Lewis

The Rehearsal Handbook for Actors and Directors: A Practical Guide John Perry : "for all actors, directors and theatre makers who want to make the most of their rehearsal time..."

Fight Direction for Stage and Screen (Stage and Costume)  William Hobbs : written as a guide for the inexperienced, Fight Direction for Stage and Screen aims to "promote a more professional attitude and way of thinking about the task of performing and arranging fights that will demonstrate the range of exciting challenges which are open to directors, actors and fight arrangers alike..."

Actresses' Audition Speeches for All Ages and Accents: For All Ages and Accents  Jean Marlow (Editor) : The pieces in this book require a particular accent or dialect and include speeches for Asian, Italian, South African, American, Jamaican, Irish, Liverpudlian, Yorkshire, Newcastle and Welsh parts.

Impro for Storytellers  Keith Johnstone

Actor's Guide to Auditions & Interviews (Stage and Costume)  Margo Annett : includes "material on presentation techniques and working for radio...choosing and preparing an audition speech, staging and performing the piece, sight-reading, interview techniques and coping with nerves..."

Singing and the Actor (Ballet, Dance, Opera and Music)  Gillyanne Kayes : takes the reader "step-by-step through a practical training programme relevant to the modern singing actor and dancer..."

Comedy Improvisation: a Program of Improvisations and Exercises for Young Actors  Delton T. Horn "Provides a brief history of improvisational comedy, and offers exercises on techniques which require increasing levels of skill. "

The Perfect Monologue: How to Find and Perform the Monologue That Will Get You the Part  Michael Shurtleff (Foreword), Ginger Howard Friedman

Making Money in Voice-overs
  Apple : use your voice to earn money...

| Stage Management & Stage Craft |
Click on any of the images or text links for further details of chosen book, and how to order your copy.

Stage Management - The Essential Handbookcover "The stage manager is at the core of every successful theatre production" and this book explains every step of the production process and the stage managers role. I bought a copy for my sister-in-law (and almost didn't part with it!) If you have any involvement with stage and theatrical productions get this book - even if it's just to learn who's responsible for what and how it all works from a stage managers point of view. Definately worth a read! Or check out the new edition of Stage Management: The Essential Handbook "Complete with charts and helpful checklists, it takes the reader through a production week by week from the rehearsals to the show." (in print at the end of Feb 2003)

Stage Management: a Practical Guide
"offers a practical guide to all aspects of this exciting and pivotal job in the theatre, from first receiving the script, through the rehearsal process and production period to putting the show away after the final performance"

Production Management: Making Shows Happen - a Practical Guide
takes you through the process of making shows happen from the point of view of the production manager...

Scenic Art for the Theatre: History, Tools and Techniques
  Susan Crabtree, Peter Beudert : A visual and written guide to the tools and techniques used in modern scene painting (includes a history of scenic artistry beginning with the Renaissance and Baroque theatres on through the Romantic theatres to the present day Modern theatre).

Concert Sound and Lighting Systems  John Vasey : A study of equipment and set-up procedures for touring concert systems....features a special section on safety, electrical formulas, wiring information and sample production checklists.

Stagecraft: The Complete Guide to Theatrical Practice  Griffiths. Trevor R. Griffiths (Editor) : Contains practical information and advice, both in the text and in the illustrations, to help smooth the path of the simplest or most complex production. Contents include directing, stage management, acting, set design, lighting, costumes, administration and make-up.

Stage Design: A Practical Guide  Gary Thorne

Stage Design  Tony Davis

Stage Costume (Stage and Costume)  Mary Kidd : A guide for amateur groups and students who want to produce costumes as professionally as possible. Step-by-step instructions show how to create costumes for the main periods of drama. Advice is given on choosing fabrics and materials, adapting existing costumes and keeping within the budget.

The Stage Costume Sourcebook  Jack Cassin-Scott : This book offers stage costumes to suit almost all needs, from Fagin and Falstaff to Madam Butterfly and Widow Twankey, and period, animal and children's costumes. It covers period plays, opera, pantomime, musicals, ballet, fantasy and revue. A number of backcloth designs are also included.

Complete Makeup Artist: Working in Film, Fashion, Television and Theatre
Penny Delamar : essential for anyone who wants to become a successful make-up artist... invaluable to students of art and design, drama and theatre studies!

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