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Movement Awareness and Creativity  Leah Bartal, Nira Ne'eman : This title explores the entire gamut of the body's potential for creative movement. Dancers, actors, teachers and therapists should find it inspiring; parents and teachers should discover new worlds of the imagination. The authors believe that the motion of the body is as important an instrument of creativity as literature, art, drama or music.

Dance Technique and Injury Prevention  Justin Howse, Moira McCormack

Belly Dancing: The Art of Becoming a Woman
  Rosina Fawzia Al-Rawi : "A young Arab girl tells her story as she is initiated into womanhood and gives at the same time a history of the dance that is known to us as 'bellydancing'."

The Pointe Book: Shoes Training and Technique  Janice Barringer : Studies the development of pointe shoes and the technique of pointe dancing...

Classical Ballet Technique  Gretchen Ward Warren, Susan Cook (Illustrator) : In more than 2600 photographs, professional dancers (from such companies as the American Ballet Theatre and the Jaffrey Ballet) demonstrate in sequence every movement in the classical repertoire, from the most basic to the most advanced.

The Oxford Dictionary of Dance (Oxford Paperback Reference)  Debra Craine, Judith Mackrell : provides the information necessary for anyone interested in dance to navigate the diverse modern dance scene : "With an emphasis on performance - readers will find both fact and analysis on a wide range of subjects from dancers and choreographers to dance styles and technical terms".

Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique  Renata Celichowska, Erick Hawkins

Zaida: Belly Dancing for Older Women  Zaida, Phoebe K. Carter

Inside Tap: Technique and Improvisation for Today's Tap Dancer  Anita Feldman

101 Stories of the Great Ballets (A Doubleday Dolphin Book)  George Balanchine : introduces and presents the stoylines and backgrounds of classical and contemporary works performed by international companies.

Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance: Awakening Spirituality Through Movement and Ritual
  Iris J. Stewart : exploration of women's spirituality through a study of dance

Mastering Movement: Understanding Laban
  John Hodgson : A study of the work of the European choreographer and pioneer of dance notation, Rudolf Laban (1879-1958), examining the many strands of his thinking and its application

The Six Questions: Acting Technique for Dance Performance  Daniel Nagrin : "First examining the personal essentials demanded by dance, this book then looks at the pitfalls inherent in the act of performing. It asks questions about the essence of dance, going on to the tools required for roles, with the sixth question being the performance itself."

Anatomy and Kinesiology for Ballet Teachers  Eivind Thomasen, Rachel-Anne Rist

Dance Technique for Children  Mary Joyce : A guide to show teachers how to help children explore their movements, stimulate their minds and enliven their spirits.

Ballroom Dance: American Style - Smooth, Rhythm, Latin  Shirley Rushing, Patrick McMillan

Choreography: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation  Sandra Cerny Minton : "Featuring movement exploration exercises that illustrate choreographic principles, this text shows how to solve common choreography problems, design and shape movements, and organize dance performances. It also addresses how to understand choreographic principles and use critical thinking skills"

Inside Ballet Technique: Separating Fact from Fiction in the Ballet Class  Grieg

Ballet and Modern Dance (World of Art)
  Susan Au

Jump into Jazz: The Basics and Beyond for the Jazz Dance Student Minda Goodman Kraines, Esther Pryor : Jump into Jazz provides students with well-illustrated descriptions of all basic jazz steps and movements and valuable information on alignment, improvisation, injury prevention, nutrition and fitness, and history of jazz dance.

Ballet 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving the Ballet  Robert Greskovic : "everything a novice needs to know to watch and enjoy ballet" but also enough to interest someone with a stronger knowledge of dance. Includes a 300-year history of the dance form, an extensive look at fourteen popular and important ballets,
and more...

Anatomy of the Moving Body: A Basic Course in Bones, Muscles, and Joints  Ted Dimon

Umfundalai: an African Dance Technique  Kariamu Welsh-Asante

Ancient Egyptian Dances  I. Lexova

The Yoga of Indian Classical Dance: The Yogini's Mirror 
 Roxanne Kamayani Gupta

Dance as a Theatre Art: Source Readings in Dance History from 1581 to the Present  Selma Jeanne Cohen

Fifty Contemporary Choreographers  Martha Bremser (Editor), Deborah Jowitt (Editor) : provides a guide to some of today's most important dance makers....

The Art of Belly Dancing
  Jennifer Worick

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