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Ray Brown & Jerry Stucker Produce Shota Osabe - Roc Armani, Urbanzone Productions
Pianist Shota Osabe’s playing on the song,’ Memories of You,’ was elegant and truly outstanding on the tune ‘Jilly,’ wrote renowned jazz critic, Phil Elwood for the San Francisco Examiner. Pianist, arranger, jazz musician, Shota Osabe is on the move. In February 2003 Osabe cracked the top 20 jazz chart at Soundclick.com with the song 'Can’t Leave Here Again', written by the late Ray Brown.
Osabe’s first CD release, HAPPY COAT, is making a buzz in Japan and the USA. HAPPY COAT, produced by the late bass legend Ray Brown and Jerry Stucker (San Francisco producer/guitarist) is winning listeners from Japan to New York City. HAPPY COAT was recorded and mixed at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California. This album features the late Ray Brown on bass and Harold Jones on drums. HAPPY COAT is making the promo rounds at jazz stations in the US and will be released soon to record stores. You can dig Osabe’s arranging on ‘I Touch the Stars', on the FIM Record Label, distributed by City Hall Records.
Shota Osabe continues to perform in Japan and the US making San Francisco, California his home base.
To contact this rising new jazz pianist email : shota@worldnet.att.net

Front Row Seat Media Press Release
February 23, 2004--Front Row Seat Media is proud to announce the signing of the highly regarded classic metal band Sick Trigger for worldwide distribution. The CD, The Stand, will be available February 24, 2004 through many of the top metal/hard rock mailorders, independent retailers, e-merchants such as Amazon.com or direct from Front Row Seat Media at www.frontrowseatmedia.com.
Alice in Chains like harmonies over progressive Zeppelin-esque melodies interwoven with a freight train rhythm section....hook-ridden anthems...insightful ballads.... classic metal at it's best!!!
Sick Trigger are currently one of the top draws, and certainly most talked about metal bands, on the Sunset Strip and throughout Central & Southern California and the Southwest......their music does the talking and the word is spreading worldwide FAST!!!
Sick Trigger fans are given in to the empowering vocals of Keith, the harmonic convergence of guitarists T. Sick and Rick Trigger (brother of Adema guitarist Tim Fluckey), and rhythmic assault of bassist JD Dolen and drummer Curly Ford.
The worldwide webcast premiere of The Stand can be heard on Saturday, March 1, 2004, on www.electricbasement.com. It will be available for streaming for 6 weeks after the initial webcast as well. Hear what the noise is all about.............
Also available from Front Row Seat Media
Vixen The Works (with Marty Friedman, ex-Megadeth)
Tower Turn The Page (featuring Joshua Perahia vocalist Jerry Gabriel)
Jesse Damon The Hand That Rocks (Silent Rage vocalist/guitarist and Kiss songwriter)
The Alchemist Songs From The Westside (with Glenn Hughes, ex-Deep Purple)
For more info visit : www.frontrowseatmedia.com or email : info@frontrowseatmedia.com

2004 One World Beat Global Music Festival
The 2004 One World Beat Global Music Festival, which began in Switzerland as an all-volunteer effort of socially conscious musicians, NGOs and volunteers uniting to stage music concerts for charities, now in its second year, expands to over 100 in more the 35 countries worldwide.  The 3-day global music festival is a series of events taking place simultaneously in various cities, such as New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, and including locally Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Newport ,Swansea and in North Wales, Bangor from March 19-21, 2004 that provides a platform for musicians to unite and convey a message of hope through their music; Music Making a Difference! 
Various events through out the South Wales Area are taking place. They are :-
Cardiff :  
Saturday March 20th   'Cardiff's newest alternative night...'  The UWIC Union Bar, Churchill Way
The ‘Sick of Silence Tour’ dedicating the proceeds to the charity.
Sunday March 21st The Engine Rooms, present ‘An Acoustic Extravaganza’ featuring, Audiocalm, Brachyn, Juniper, Circle Boy and from America Michael Hirsch, along with many, many others.DJ's Greg Morris from Bridge FM and Kerfuffle will be there, followed by a late night party!
Sunday March 21st Clwb Ifor Bach. Three bands and a guest speaker for this event. 
Merthyr Tydfil :
Friday 19th and Saturday 20th RM’s Rock Club and the bands have dedicated the evenings to One World Beat.
 Newport :
Sunday 21st Sees TJ’s react in its usual 'rock nature' with a 15 band listing, including Shaped By Fate, SAL, Mombomb, Samo Hung, Four Ways To Fall, Thenextnineyears, Wishing Hour, Flailing Wail, Panel, Vigilance, Emily All Over (Ex NUKE), Open Fire, Cartel, Art Brute, The Fads (from England) and DJ Lee Underpass. Also there are side shows and a raffle.
Swansea :
Saturday 20th A mini festival takes place in three venues, The Uplands Tavern, The Chattery and The Celtic Pride. This event is being coordinated and run by Tune Town/Swansea Song Writers Guild.
North Wales
Friday 19th Sees Bangor hosting a night with Valluem and friends  at one of North Wales most exciting venues, Hendre Hall.
Also THE MUSIC BOX, Cardiff (Band Practice Rooms) is gifting 20% of their earnings for the weekend to the charity.
“This has been simply an amazing reaction from the 'grass routes' of the music industry in Wales” says Glyn Mills, One World Beat events coordinator for Wales  “The reaction from Venues, Promoters and the artists has been so positive it truly touching to know how many  people care”.
 The second annual event will benefit Keep a Child Alive, a new initiative, supported by Alicia Keys, set up to provide life-saving medicine to children living with HIV/AIDS in the developing world who will die without it.
In addition to attending a local event, people all over the world will be able to participate in this unique, all-genre event by logging on to www.oneworldbeat.org to listen to the web casts of various artist performances worldwide and live interviews, download music from the broadcast, bid on auction items, or make a donation to help fight this global epidemic.
The festival will feature events in such countries as, Australia, Burundi Canada, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Germany, Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.
Supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and famed artists such as Phil Collins, the 2003 One World Beat Festival led to its first-ever global volunteer effort, reaching a worldwide audience helping to raise money for many charities. 
For complete event information, please visit the events page at  www.oneworldbeat.org, or contact: Glyn Mills – 01656 648279/07739181528 , glyn.mills@oneworldbeat.com  or glyn.mills@btinternet.com  

Keep A Child Alive
Keep A Child Alive is dedicated to providing life-saving medicine to the 3.2 million children and families living with HIV/AIDS in the developing world.  Every minute, a child dies because of lack of access to life-extending antiretroviral (ARV) therapy and Keep A Child Alive helps to provide antiretroviral medications to those living with this disease.  www.keepachildalive.org
One World Beat

One World Beat is a Switzerland-based non-profit whose mission is unite socially conscious musicians and charities for social change; Music Making a Difference!  One World Beat is an all-volunteer organization that provides musicians and non-profits a platform on which to communicate their message, while raising the consciousness of the planet, and much needed funding to support those in need.  One World Beat shares this goal with various charities each year.  www.oneworldbeat.org

Lloyd Robson Press Release.
cardiff poet lloyd robson has returned from a successful reading tour of australia : the 8-date reading tour saw lloyd read at sydney's prestigious museum of contemporary art as part of the welsh assembly's 'showcase of wales', & in other venues in sydney, wagga wagga, & melbourne. lloyd's poetry was broadcast on several national radio stations, including ABC radio national & radio 702, as well as regional stations, including radio adelaide.
the 34-year-old poet & novelist was there to promote his new collection 'bbboing! & associated weirdness' (parthian books) & to increase awareness of welsh culture & literature.
lloyd, from adamsdown in cardiff, said: "travelling to australia was a great opportunity & proved more successful than i could have hoped. i read in some great venues with some great poets to some very responsive audiences. i had the opportunity to discuss wales & welsh culture with both australians & ex-pats who now live there, my poetry was very well received, & several venues offered me readings for when i next return. providing we can secure the funding, a more comprehensive reading tour of australia is an absolute priority & i can't wait to return".
the tour was part-sponsored by wales arts international & parthian books, & follows on from successful reading tours of new york & tokyo.
for more information, contact lloyd: email mail@lloydrobson.com or visit: www.lloydrobson.com
A selection of Lloyd Robson's books can be found in the Hybrid Studios Bookshop

Ragtime Ruby is on a roll!
By Steven D. Harris - Correspondent [PASADENA STAR-NEWS: October 24, 2003] : Move over, Scott Joplin. Likewise, Jelly Roll. Make way for Southern California's own extraordinaire of the ivories, Ruby Fradkin, aka Ragtime Ruby. This dainty miss whose keyboard reach is a mere octave can pound out some mean arpeggios and then some. She may be the only gal her age to tackle the art of boogie-woogie, blues, ragtime and stride -- and she's successful at all of the above.
In fact, Ruby attacks the keyboard with all the authority and assurance of a major league prodigy. Pretty impressive for one who just turned thirteen.
While many new teenagers suffer the turmoil of such awkward years, this eighth-grader is cool and collected in the present. Or maybe she's just too busy to contemplate growing up. Ruby's got an itinerary of bookings almost every week. In the last few years, she's played for music halls, colleges and 400-seat theaters.
She was even awarded a Certificate of Honor by the state's governor. Most recently, she wowed an audience of 800 at last month's Sweet & Hot Festival in Los Angeles. Her first CD, recorded in September of last year, has received glorious reviews. It's called “Warmin' Up with Ragtime Ruby“ and is available through her own web site at ragtimeruby.com.

The youthful star talked with U this week from her home in Sherman Oaks:
Q. Tell us about your early training and your first public performance at age 9.
A. I started playing when I was six. Our neighbors next door were taking classical piano lessons. I hung out with them and wanted to start playing myself. About my second year, my dad showed me a few Christmas carols (arranged for) left hand stride. That was a lot more exciting; I connected more with that than classical. Then I started playing at local nursing homes in the area for the old folks. They loved it, because I played all the old things they grew up with like “Baby Face“ and “A Bicycle Built For Two.“ I even got some tips. I once played at a retirement home where, every time I played a certain note, it would stick and wouldn't come up. My dad helped by lifting the key every time I would play the note.
Q. You're also a composer. How many tunes have you written to date?
A. About four boogies and some blues. I tend to play or compose a lot of stuff in C because there's no sharps or flats. But the rags I have to learn are sometimes in E flat or D flat. I don't transpose a lot, but for the “Maple Leaf Rag,“ I end it by reprising part of the first section. But it comes from the third section, so it's in a different key.
(At this point, Ruby sits at her piano to demonstrate.)
Q. Of all the styles you incorporate, do you have a preference?
A. I like all of them in different ways. The blues and boogies I write are a lot of fun. It's like if you're in the groove, you don't need to get every note perfect. You play whatever comes. With ragtime, it's more challenging 'cause it's a lot more work. You have to keep it up with practicing.
Q. How did you discover the old-fashioned music that you've grown to love?
A. I got into ragtime by going to the Rose Leaf Ragtime Club in Pasadena. They take place the last Sunday of every month and all the ragtime players get up and play a few songs each. That's where I first heard the music and then I got into the blues.
Q. Have you any interest in the historical aspect of the music?
A. I know some history but not as much as I would like. I haven't listened to that many players. One of my favorite blues artist is Johnnie Johnson who played with Chuck Berry for years. In fact, I wrote a boogie in his style as a tribute to him. A more contemporary ragtime favorite is Morton Gunnar Larsen from Norway. I also enjoy Count Basie.
Q. How do you balance music and school?
A. I did rags in the talent show last year and also the talent show in elementary school. But I'm not in the school band or anything. Actually the choir teacher at my school has been showing me some licks and coaching me; he's a really good piano player.
Q. Do you get stage fright?
A. Audiences don't scare me; I'm pretty comfortable. I can get a little shaky but not too much. Once I get on stage and the audience is supportive, it becomes fun, even easy. Like at the Coffee Gallery; it's a great crowd every time I play there.
Q. You appeared in YM magazine. How does it feel to be picked among YM's “20 Coolest Girls in America“?
A. It's so exciting! I found out about it the day after it came out. I walked into my first class at school and everyone was saying my name and showing me the magazine. It was really hard to focus at school for the rest of the day.
Q. How many hours do you spend practicing?
A. It just depends. I don't spend hours everyday since I have homework and other chores. It's preparing for the next gig usually, or doing exercises to get my fingers in a good place for a certain song I might perform.
Q. From all reports, you were one of the highlights at the recent Sweet & Hot festival.
A. It was my first festival ever. I was a guest artist, so I didn't have a featured spot, but I played every day. I asked all the leaders of the different bands if I could sit in to play some blues. That's how I met Herb Jeffries. I introduced my self and said, “I wanted to know if I could sit in with your bass and drum player.“ He said, “I don't know. I'm just the singer; I'll have to check.“ So it didn't sound like I would get the chance. So I went up stairs and found someone to play with. After a few minutes, some people came looking for me saying, “Herb has introduced you three times already! Where have you been?“ So I rushed downstairs and played “Over the Rainbow.“
Q. Herb is indeed a 92-year-old institution. Did you realize how famous he was at the time?
A. I didn't know who he was. Afterwards, I thanked him in the lobby. Herb told me that when he was real young, he had asked Louis Armstrong if he could sit in with his band. Louis said yes, so that's why Herb said yes to me. After the festival, I researched him on line and found out everything about him. I talked to him over the phone a few days later and he invited me down to Oceanside for a retrospective on his life and I played a few songs with him.
Q. What would you like to do in the future?
A. I'm not exactly sure. Wherever life leads me is what I'd say. I don't want to force anything on, I just want to go where I'm meant to go. One of my dream gigs would be to perform a duet with Norah Jones. It would feel really good to know I've gotten that far.

Find out more about Ruby Franklin & Ragtime Ruby @ ragtimeruby.com

Dance Award Europe 2004
A press release from Dance Award Europe : "Dance  Award Europe 2004 will be held in Barcelona/Costa Brava (Spain) from 8th to 12th April  during the Easter Time 2004 and will be held in Italy from 18th to 23th June 2004
International Event Competitions for Ballet-Contemporary-Modern-Hip Hop-Latin-Swing- Folk-Tap-Schools/Companies and Dance-Theatrical Educational Institutes".

A new job for Ron Chironna brings new opportunities for writers...
Hybrid Studios Member Ron Chironna, freelance illustrator, is now also a part time submissions editor for a small, but growing publishing company in New York City, USA. The company, Images SI Inc, has, to this point, produced three audio books of science fiction and fantasy stories, including a story by SF master, Robert Silverberg.
They are now going to expand into publishing print books, and they're looking for short story and novel length science fiction and fantasy submissions. Anyone interested can learn a bit about the company, including contact information and writers guidelines at: http://ronchironna.tripod.com/writersguidelines/
Ron is very eager and willing to read any of your written creations.

Cunning-Stunt Promotions
An update on the listings show three weeks of 'signed' bands playing the Tollhouse, Bridgend. First 'Tuuli' from Canada, an awesome all girl band that are really drawing the attention of the media. With an Album out on Golf records, already there have been enquiries  received about purchasing tickets! Tiny Elvis support along with SAL. Next, with one of the fasted growing reputations on Householdname records, Five Knuckle. Anticipation is huge for this band, having such a big following because of their live act. (If you'd like any more info for interview requests please email kafren@householdnamerecords.co.uk ). June 19th sees a new partnership forming with Complete Control Music and to open this 'one a month' event an amazing 'twin peak headline' of Jarcrew and Tetra Splendour for TS it's a visit to what is virtually their home town. Hailing from Porthcawl, near Bridgend,  many a friend is expected to attend, so book early. "This is an exciting prospect. This partnership could provide an opportunity to many up and coming bands to showcase" said Glyn, responsible for marketing and booking at Cunning-Stunt promotions, who run the music nights at The Tollhouse.
The Tollhouse growing reputation as a 'must' gig to play is reflected by label tour bands being pencilled in as late as October to ensure the venue date has not been taken. "When we first took it over in January this year we gave it 3 months to see if we could turn it around.It is not unfair to say it was dying on it's feet before we took over. Some were very Sceptical and the chances of seeing another venue converted into a wine bar were not unreal" said Glyn Mills for Cunning-Stunt, "Now we seem to be inundated with requests to play, from bands as far away as Norfolk, Middlesbrough, Birmingham, Swindon, Aldershot and Devon. It's simply amazing and pleasing" he further added "in the end it's the music fans in the Bridgend district who are the winners".

Cunning-Stunt Promotions have been running gigs in the Tollhouse, Bridgend, South Wales  from the New year (check out the Gig Page) if you want a gig, contact Cunning-Stunt Promotions ASAP : info@cunning-stunt.com Local talent will always be encouraged. We will also be holding promotions at the Rec Centre, Bridgend which holds 500+, these are all age gigs.
Contact: Glyn Mills for further details, bookings and information. And keep your eyes on the Hybrid Studios Gig Page for new gig dates!

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