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Siegfried Schreck is an artist who not only challenges himself in painting but also shows multi faceted talents. Nearly all of his paintings can be found in the most prestigious international galleries on the Internet. He is involved in exclusive mutual projects to further awareness of new art forms.
Writing lyrics for the legendary German rock singer, Achim Reichel, who toured Germany together with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones back in the 1960s, has made Siegfried Schreck not only internationally know, but stimulated him to write lyrics for children for a music publisher. With well over 500 songs to date and very strong Poems he writes, Siegfried Schreck has  four books published and can be found in several supreme anthologies.
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Sueños olvidados
Sueños olvidados

arte sin nombre

Artist Statement :  " Every time has it's own art "
"My first brush with computer graphics took place in the mid eighties. I saw a few Graphics in a book and despite the fact that they did not suit my taste, I still was very interested because they were produced with the computer.
In 1998 I started with digital Photography. As a finishing touch to my poems about Hamburg I designed a web site with digital images, that I refined with Photoshop 4. That was the beginning. I believe in two levels of painting - one is the traditional with the brush. The other is painting with pixels. Both techniques are perfectly capable to co-exist as one can already see in todays Art. It was never easier to express and present own feelings in art and what could eventually create a downside balance for the traditional painting.
Question: what would Rembrandt have done, what direction would have been his decision if computers would have existed in his time? I understand the computer as a suitable medium to transform my feelings, thoughts and phantasies into visual poetry.
It is the fascination to discover new posibilities in art through the symbiosis of man and machine, to walk through the universe of my soul in search of always new shapes and colours."
Siegfried Schreck / November 2002

More of siggi's art can be found in the Faces and CatArt exhibitions, and the Multimedia WAR Exhibition. You can read some of siggi's poetry in the Main Library at Hybrid Studios.

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