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Welcome to the Main Gallery page. Regular visitors may notice that the main exhibition has taken on a more ordered layout : Main Gallery artists now have their own exhibition page - click on any of the thumbnail images below to visit a particular exhibtion page. Sept 2003 : NEW artist exhibition added : Daniel

Themed exhibitions are still going strong (the latest exhibition is : "Life, The Universe & Everything") - use the menu to your left to visit one of the many themed exhibitions, and call back soon to see what's new.
Members of Hybrid Studios are invited to submit their artwork.


Oil & soft pastel artwork : "Art in all its forms is linked from the soul. A spirit having a 3D experience. Decrypting the mystery..."

Click here to view Daniel's exhibition


Sam Worboys

Black & White Photography : "There is something in a Black and White picture that tells a story, paints a picture...to which colour cannot compete!"

Click here to view Sam's exhibition


Yukio Takahashi

Yukio Takahashi is a Cat Artist born in Japan...His artwork is of an exceptionally high quality - capturing the charater of each cat so beautifully you could reach out and touch its fur.

Click here to view Yukio's exhibition


The HippyChick / THC Designs

nique and beautiful handmade semi-precious stones and silver jewellery, unusual handmade crafts - including The Magic Mushroom Range, and Gargyole Range of clay products...

Click here to view THC's exhibition



Something a little different from the fwl!

Click here to view fwl's exhibition



CyberArt, photography, multimedia, computer/digital art....

Click here to view gillie's exhibition


Peter Martin

Wales based artist - working mainly with pastels, and focusing on the human figure.

Click here to view Peter's exhibition


Ron Chironna

Ron Chironna is an illustrator whose work has appeared in numerous magazines, books, collectible card games, and advertisements...

Click here to view Ron's exhibition


siggi schreck

Siegfried Schreck is an artist who not only challenges himself in painting but also shows multi faceted talents....

Click here to view siggi's exhibition


Taii Nakajima

My work is work at large [describing the picture in the advertising design industry]...

Click here to view Taii's exhibition

Claudio Parentela

Illustrator, painter, cartoonist, photographer, and mail artist...

Click here to view Claudio's exhibition


Adrian Warriner

Portraits and pictures in oil, watercolour and charcoal...

Click here to view Adrian's exhibition

your art

Your Artwork Here

Hybrid Studios Members are welcome to exhibit artwork in the main gallery, or any of the themed exhibitions....

Click here to find out more

your art

Your Artwork Here

Hybrid Studios Members are welcome to exhibit artwork in the main gallery, or any of the themed exhibitions....

Click here to find out more

© Copyright remains with the individual artist/s

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